Why Choose Bolted Silo

Bolted silo is specially designed and developed to solve the disadvantages of traditional cement silo, such as, the difficulties in export packing, making silo on construction site, site transfer, as well as the problem of super high and wide transportation. It is now the most commonly used type of portable cement silo on the construction sites.

1. After the modular production is processed and formed, all the components can be transported to the construction sites and connected with bolts, then it can be used, which is very convenient. All the parts are machined in the factory, which is free from rough and conditionally limited defects caused by hand welding and gas cutting. The parts is connected with high-strength special bolts, which has strong anticorrosion performance.

2. The silos are all standard modular and flow-through production with a very short production cycle to ensure fast delivery.

3. It can be transported regardless of specifications, and multiple silos can be loaded at the same time, which can save freight.

4. Reliable sealing structure. We use special seal strip, which can withstand the high temperature of 200 degrees. After the sealing strip is compacted, the dust will automatically drill into the small gap ad play the self-sealing effect.

5. Strong practicality and high cost effective. It is nor restricted by transportation, users can reasonably match the reserve specifications and material ratios to reduce the waste of reverse. In addition, the bolted silo is convenient to disassemble and install and it has long service life. Multiple site reuse can greatly save users’ secondary investment.