Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Sicoma is a world-renowned concrete mixer manufacturer, who can produce both sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer and sicoma planetary concrete mixer. The Sicoma concrete mixing equipment with the characteristics of stable and reliable quality, reasonable price and cost-effective performance is a concrete mixer brand worthy of your trust. Click the inquiry button below to contact us for quotation now.

MAO Standard Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

MAO Standard Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
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External Dimension and Connecting Plate Dimension

Parameter of Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer


  • Equipped with multiple end sealing protection device and wind pressure sealing protection device to prevent leakage of slurry effectively.
  • Unique monitoring system can monitor the working state of reducer, unloading pump and electric lubricating pump at any time.
  • Equipped with special DC24V lubrication pump for concrete mixer which has the features of waterproof, dustproof, the running time can be independently programmed and the performance is excellent.
  • Multi-pipe and multi-channel water spraying system that water can be sprayed evenly.
  • Heavy machine design, stable operation.
  • Equipped with enhanced reducer, strong load capacity, use military materials with high precision processing, long service life.
  • The mixing equipment can be equipped with reducer filter cooling system, oil-free and water-cooled shaft end sealing system, camera system, high-pressure cleaning system, weighing protection system and microwave moisture measurement system depending on requirements of customers.

MSO Small Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

MSO Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
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MSO Working Process

Technical Parameter of MEO Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

MEO Economy Series Twin Shaft Compulsory Concrete Mixer

MEO Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixing Equipment
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MEO Sicoma Concrete Mixing Equipment Working Process

Specification of MEO Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

  • Multiple shaft end sealing protection.
  • Hand lubricating oil pump.
  •  Special central lubrication pump for DC24V concrete mixer can be optional.
  •  Strong anti-overload ability, low noise and reliable operation.
  • Convenient maintenance, reasonable prices of spare parts, high cost performance.
  • Available in the capacity of 0.75m³,1.25m³,2.0m³.
  • Suitable for engineering concrete batching plant and other environmental protection mixing projects, such as, fly ash solidification.

MAW Dam Work Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

MAW Dam Work Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

MAW Dam Work Series Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Dimension

MAW Specification

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Advantages of Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

1. Advanced technology. The circular arc part of the stirring drum is welded, and there are five kinds of lining plates in the mixing drum, which are all connected with the drum by countersunk head screw.
2. Good sealing performance. A special oil feeder is installed on the end face of the mixing cylinder to ensure the quality of sealing.
3. Strong stirring force. The two output shafts of the reducer respectively drive the two horizontal agitator shafts to rotate at the opposite constant speed by two pairs of open gears.
4. Easy to operate. The electrical control system all uses the import international first-class components.
5. Complete functions, reliable performance.

How to Use Sicoma Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Correctly

1. The construction site should be kept clean and well drained to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
2. During feeding process, the aggregate shouldn’t be allowed into the operation organization, the sand and stone shouldn’t be fed together with cement. The material in the hopper groove and other parts should be discharged at one time and can’t be used for the next feeding.
3. In the operation of Sicoma concrete mixer, users must control the measurement accuracy, mixing time to reach technical requirements. In addition, check whether there are anomalies and defects, such as, whether there is water or slurry leakage. If there is any abnormality or defect, please repair in time.
4. It is necessary to clean concrete before stopping the machine. When a sudden power failure or fault stop, please clear out the concrete in the mixing drum in time.

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