Portable Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

Portable concrete batch plant, also known as the name of mobile concrete batching plant is designed and developed on the basis of stationary concrete batching plant, which is more convenient to move than the stationary type and is suitable for some mobile construction projects. The portable batching plant concentrates the storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and automatic control systems of concrete batch plant equipment in a trailer unit, which makes the structure compact and the whole performance good.

Portable concrete batch plant

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As technology continues to improve, we has improved the configuration and performance of some internal components so that the portable concrete batch plant for sale in our company can produce higher quality concrete, while increasing output. In addition, it has the characteristics of flexible movement, rapid installation and disassembly, small floor space, simple storage and high degree of automation, which can be close to the construction sites and suitable for the construction of all kinds of roads, bridges, dams and other mobile sites construction.

Outstanding Features of Portable Concrete Batch Plant

  • Convenient to move. The equipment integrates all the systems into a compact structure and is equipped with walking system, which makes it easy to move.
  • High quality concrete mixer equipment has the characteristics of even mixing and high working efficiency.
  • Multiple aggregate storage hopper to store different aggregates.
  • High accuracy of weighing. The equipment adopt electronic scale to measure the amount of aggregate, cement, water and liquid admixtures to ensure accurate ratio.
  • High precision microcomputer control system. Equipped with manual control system at the same time.
  • Environmental protection design. The pulsed dust collector is installed in the main body of the equipment to effectively reduce dust emission.

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Components of Portable Concrete Batch Plant

  • The chassis is cantilevered, which contains the towing pin of the truck and the parking legs. In addition, the weighing scale of mixer, cement and water admixture is put on the chassis.
  • Control system. The control room is at the bottom of the chassis of the main engines, the automatic control system of the portable concrete batching plant is installed inside it, which is the same as the stationary mixing plant. When working, the control room is used as the front support point of the whole plant. During transit, the control room is folded up and stored in the inner space of the support. The control lines needn’t to be dismantled.
  • Aggregate weighing and batching system. It is at the back end of the whole equipment, the upper part is the aggregate storage hopper which can be divided into two or four grids, and is equipped with a heightening plate to increase the storage capacity. The aggregate measurement adopts the method of cumulative measurement of various materials. In addition, it is equipped with a walking rear axle and frame legs for working at the bottom.
  • Belt conveyor rack. It is a truss structure which connects the chassis of the main engine with the aggregate batching rack. The main frame, belt frame and batching frame are integrated to form the main structure of the whole mobile type concrete mixing equipment.
  • Mixing equipment. We adopt the high performance concrete mixer which can mix the fluid and hard concrete quickly and evenly.
  • Other components. Cement silo and screw conveyor are the peripheral parts. They are integral parts whether working or transportation, so they can be transported and disassembled as a whole.

Portable Concrete Mixing Plant Parts

HZS75 Portable Concrete Plant for Sale

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Why Choose Portable Concrete Batch Plant

Portable concrete batch plant has low demands on the construction sites, so that it is suitable for any venue construction. In addition, it is very easy to change construction sites. Meanwhile, the mobile batching plant has the same function of stationary batching plant. There is a reversed installation position and space for pulse type dust collector on the main mixing machine. As long as the dust collector machine is installed, it can have the maximum dust removal effect on the working surface, so as to ensure the construction sites meet the requirements of high dust prevention, and protect the environment. Daswell Machinery is reliable and professional concrete machinery manufacturer with rich production experience. So if you would like to know more about the machine or want to purchase such a equipment, please kindly feel free to contact us, we will reply you in 24 hours.

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