Manual Block Making Machine for Sale

Manual block making machine is a simple type of brick making equipment that doesn’t need power and can run depending on manual operation completely. Compared with other kinds of power-controlled cement block making machine, the manual type is less efficient, but the price is much cheaper. So it is suitable for customers with low work efficiency requirements, small workloads and low budgets. If this type is what you are looking for, please feel free to click the inquiry button to send us email for quotation now.

Manual Brick Making Machine
Manual Brick Making Machine

Technical Parameters of Manual Block Making Machine

Model QTS1-60 QTS2-60
Power Source 0.8hp motor or 6hp diesel engine 0.8hp motor
Cycle 1-2 minutes 1-2 minutes
Pallet Sizes 550×350×15mm 490×520×20mm

Nos.of Block Per Stroke

450×230×230 hollow 1 pcs 450×230×230 hollow 2 pcs
450×150×230 hollow 1 pcs 450×150×230 hollow 2 pcs
450×100×230 hollow 2 pcs 450×100×230 hollow 3 pcs
200×100×60 pave 2 pcs 200×100×60 pave 4 pcs
Block Capacity Per Day (8 hour) 200-800 pcs 500-1000 pcs
Overall Size (L×W×H) 730×790×1500mm 1320×760×1800mm
Weight (kg) 195 220
20GP Container Loading Plan 36 Units 9 Unit

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Features of Manual Block Making Machine

  • No need for power, completely manual operation, low energy consumption.
  • It can produce different shapes of blocks by changing molds.
  • Raw materials come from a wide range of sources, they can be a mixture of ordinary soil and cement, or fly ash.
  • Compact structure, simple operation and low cost.

Working Principle of Manual Cement Block Making Machine

First, users need to mix the raw materials needed to make bricks in a certain proportion in advance and mix them evenly. Then put the mixture into the bucket on the machine and pull the movable storage hopper at the bottom of the bucket back and force until the brick mould is filled with mixture. Close the mould cover and press down the lever. Make sure the bricks are compacted. Lift the lever up and press it down, the lid of the mould will be opened with the lever down. Press down the lever again, the mould will be lifted and the finished bricks are also lifted. Then operators can take the bricks off and stacks them. Molds can be customized and replaced according to the requirements of customers.

Manual Block Making Machine Price

The series of manual block making machine manufactured by Henan Daswell Machinery Group can produce high performance bricks. In addition, the working efficiency is high compared to the same types of this machine manufactured by other companies. As the reliable brick making machine manufacturer, we can absolutely guarantee the reasonable price and best service. Want to get more? Don’t hesitate to contact us now, our sales manager will reply you very quickly.

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