Cement Silo Maintenance

Cleaning is the most important part of the daily maintenance of cement silo. The external cleaning is very simple, just wash it with water. But the internal cleaning needs to be taken seriously, for that there are dust collector, broken arch device and other equipment. So users need to use detergent to clean the cement … Read more

Why Choose Bolted Silo

Bolted silo is specially designed and developed to solve the disadvantages of traditional cement silo, such as, the difficulties in export packing, making silo on construction site, site transfer, as well as the problem of super high and wide transportation. It is now the most commonly used type of portable cement silo on the construction … Read more

Common Failures And Solutions of Concrete Trailer Pump

Engine speed drops. First, test the output power of the engine itself. If it is lower than rated power, it may be because of poor fuel quality, low fuel pressure, brake and joystick problems or turbocharger accumulates carbon. If the engine output power is normal, check if the flow rate of the hydraulic pump doesn’t … Read more

Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance

YHZM25 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Items need to check before use Check whether the self-maintaining device of air compressor is reliable, and the air pressure should be stable at 0.5-0.8Mpa. Check whether the material doors can be open and closed flexibly and the action is in the right place. Check whether the electrical control devices are safe and reliable. Check … Read more

How to Choose Cement Brick Making Machine

Daswell Fully Automatic Concrete Brick Making Machine for Sale

1. Reputation of brick making machine manufacturer. The increase of the demand of the market makes the manufacturers that produce bricks more and more. So whether you would like to purchase the machine locally or search online and buy from other countries, please compares the factories and choose the reputable manufacture. 2. Cement brick machine … Read more