Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine

The fully automatic brick making machine adopts high technology, high precision imported components and hydraulic devices, which has the characteristics of high output, full function, fast speed. The machine can be used to produce many varieties and specifications of solid brick, hollow brick, square brick, road paving brick, blind hole brick, etc… The fully automatic concrete block making machine has a high degree of automation. After setting the size and strength of the brick, operators can make the device run automatically. Meanwhile, as long as the bricks doesn’t meet the requirements, it can return to the raw material warehouse automatically and then be re-processed after mixing to ensure the highest quality. This kind of block making machine with high working efficiency and easy operation makes it the best choice for customers who are pursuing high output and profit.

Fully Automatic Concrete Brick Production Line

Components of Fully Automatic Brick Production Line

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The Five Advantages of Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine

1.Stable operation of equipment. All the key components adopt international brands. The main frame is welded by intelligent robot with super structure square pipe, which has good strength and stability.

2.High production efficiency and big benefit. The molding cycle is 13 to 18 seconds with quick and even production. Every detail of the whole machine from brick making performance to pallet layout is based on the maximization of brick making efficiency, and can be equipped with fully automatic production line for high automation.

3.Blocks diversity. Users only need to replace the mold to produce various brick types that meet the market requirements.

4.Precise guidance and high synchronization. The four-column guide is matched with the extra-long guide sleeve to guide the more precise and innovation indenter synchronous clamping device to ensure the synchronization and the higher product yield.

5.Long service life. A cushion air cushion device is provided in the vibration system. The mold frame and mold connection part selects high-quality air bags, which can achieve the best brick and vibration reduction effects.

The Block Samples The Full Automatic Brick Making Machine Can Produce

Fully Automatic Block Production Line
Fully Automatic Block Production Line

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Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine Production Line Workflow

Batching System

The high quality weighing sensor has the advantages of accurate measurement. And it uses combination structure which is easy to disassemble and convenient to transport. One of the bins is equipped with a sliding liner, with a vibrator broken arch and a vibrating screen which can make the fine sticky materials unimpeded and prevent the foreign matter from entering the main machine, damage the machine and mold. The material flow can be adjusted which is safe and reliable.

Mixing System

The crushed and sifted construction waste aggregates are separately loaded into the batching compartment of the batching system according to the size of the aggregate. After the cumulative weighing, the raw materials are sent into the mixer according to a certain ratio, and the calculated cement and water are stirred together after entering the mixer. Then the stirred mature materials is fed into the forming system by a belt conveyor.

Block Forming System

The design of the molding machine focuses on the reasonable ration of material vibration parameters during the molding cycle. The appropriate vibration system parameters can be selected directly through the tough screen, and the vibration system are adjusted by the electronically controlled servo system to achieve the best liquefaction effect.

Distributed Material System

It is equipped with a power rotary carpet type distributed material device, which has the function of forced cutting, makes the operation uniform and quick, as well as overcomes the phenomenon of filling ans arching of fine materials. So that the compactness of the finished blocks is consistent throughout the molding area.

Pallet Transit System

Both the plate feeder and the transmission system adopt imported frequency converters, which makes the block banks absolutely stable and free of internal injuries. It can meet the different needs of various material billet system and ensure the qualified rate of the blanks.

Movement System

The formed bricks are stacked by the stacking machine and sent to the curing kiln for maintenance by the forklift. At the same time, the cured semi-finished products are transported out of the curing room by the forklift and sent to the plate unloading machine for plate separation and then to the stacking place for stacking.

Fully Automatic Coordinate Stacking System

We adopt a new working technology principle to make the clamping of the product in the palletizing stable and reliable. The palletizing gripper’s bidirectional synchronous gripper’s expansion makes the application range of the claws greatly extended. The use of intelligent electronic control system ensure the stacking machine running smoothly and the accuracy of stop point position.

Electrical Apparatus Control System

The system control core is composed of programmable controller and its extension module. The operator can modify the molding parameters by clicking the touch screen and check the operation instructions, fault instructions and other relevant information at the same time. The operating table is provided with state flow indication, which is convenient to observe the current running state of the equipment. The device has both manual and automatic functions.

Fully Automatic Brick Making Machine Manufacturer

The fully automatic brick making machine is a high-quality concrete block making machine designed, developed and manufactured by our company on the basis of fully absorbing advanced technology. All the key electronic control components, motor reducers, hydraulic and pneumatic components are all internationally famous brands to ensure high reliability of equipment operation.

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