Diesel Concrete Mixer

Diesel concrete mixer with the features of high working efficiency, light weight, attractive appearance, simple operation and maintenance, reliable performance is a very common type of concrete mixer. It is especially suitable for construction sites where electricity is not convenient. There are several models diesel concrete mixer for sale with different specifications in Daswell, which can meet your various requirements. Meanwhile, if you would like to purchase an electric concrete cement mixer, our company will also be your best choice.

Diesel Drum Mixer

Diesel Concrete Mixer

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The uses of Diesel Concrete Mixer

  • Diesel concrete mixer generally use diesel to drive the machine to work, so please check if there is enough diesel in the diesel tank and ensure there is enough oil for each operation before using.
  •  If the diesel oil is not enough in the use process, please add in time without stopping the machine, but it is very important to pay attention to safety.
  • Clean the diesel tank and replace diesel oil regularly.
  • Often check whether the screws and bolts on the diesel box are loose. Repair them in time if there is loose. And check whether the welding of the diesel box is firm at the same time.
  • The machine should be tested before the new machine is used. During the test run, please pay attention to whether the sound is normal, and confirm the integrity of mixing cylinder and mixing blade.
  • When the diesel concrete mixer is working, operators shouldn’t put hands, head and tools into the stirring drum.
  • Clean the machine when the working of the concrete mixing equipment is finished in time. Users usually use water to clean it. When cleaning, check whether the lid of diesel tank is closed and clean it after confirmation to avoid water entering the diesel tank and affecting the concentration of diesel.
  • When ensuring the cleanliness of the diesel box, users should often carry out derusting and anticorrosive work at the same time.

Daswell Diesel Concrete Mixer for Sale

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How to Operate Diesel Concrete Mixer

1. First, stabilize the accelerator and adjust it according to the requirements of construction. Adjust it to minimum when shut down, then turn the key to start the machine.
2. Next, push the shift handle to the left and the concrete mixer enters the mixing state, push down the hopper control handle and the mixer hopper begins to descend. After it descends to the proper position, push the operating lever to center. At this time, the mixer hopper is in a static state, and begins to load raw materials. After loading, push the control handle upward and the mixer hopper begins to rise. When the material enters the mixing cylinder, open the water valve at the same time and add water to the mixing cylinder.
3. Finally, it is necessary to observe the water loading situation when the concrete mixer hopper drops. Close the water valve when the material and water are mixed evenly to meet the requirements of production. Observe carefully, if the material has been fully stirred evenly, push the mixing drum control bar to the right and the stirring drum starts to revese and discharge. The round of production work will be finished after discharging.

Diesel Type Concrete Mixing Equipment in Daswell Machinery

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Diesel Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

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