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The concrete mixer is a kind of machine that can mix the cement, aggregate and water together to make concrete mixture. The equipment is mainly composed of mixing drum, feeding and discharging system, water supply system, transmission mechanism and supporting device. Concrete mixers are the necessary equipment in many construction sites. Daswell machinery is one of the most professional concrete machinery manufacturer in China who can produce concrete mixer, concrete mixer truck, concrete batching plant equipment, block making machine, etc… So if you have any need for concrete machinery, just send us inquiry for quotation now.

Introduction to The Types of Concrete Mixer

There are forced concrete mixer and self-falling concrete mixer based on the mixing principle. Depending on the nature of working, it can be divided into intermittent and continuous type. It contains stationary and mobile concrete mixing machine according to the installation mode. Tipping type and non-tipping type are divided according to the discharge mode. The machine can also be classified based on the type of drum, which contains drum type, double cone type, disc vertical axis type and round groove horizontal axis type, etc.. Each type has their own features, choose the suitable model depending on the type of concrete to be mixed.

Self-falling Concrete Mixer

Its structure is simple and it is mainly used to mix plastic concrete. The inner wall of the drum is provided with a radially arranged stirring blade. When it works, the drum will rotate around its horizontal axis, the materials put onto the mix drum will be lifted to a certain height by the lade and then dropped by its own weight. Such the repeated movements can achieve the effect of uniform stirring.

Forced Concrete Mixer

Forced stirring is more intense which makes it more suitable for mixing dry-hard concrete. This type can also be divided into single horizontal shaft type and twin shaft concrete mixer. The forced type has the advantages of low linear velocity, good wear resistance and less energy consumption. The rotating shaft arm in the mixing drum is equipped with mixing blades, and materials in the stirring drum forms the cross logistic under the strong agitation of the mixing blade.

Continuous Type Concrete Mixer

This type is a production line with the characteristics of short mixing time and high production efficiency. From the start of production to the end of production, batching, stirring and discharging are carried out continuously. The machine is equipped with spiral blades. Various materials are weighed continuously according to the mixing ration and then fed into the mixer. The agitated concrete is continuously discharged from the discharged end.

Intermittent Type Concrete Mixer

The process of loading, unloading and stirring is period. Users need to put the raw materials into mixer hopper in proportion first, and then mix all the materials. The structure is relatively simple, the mixing quality is good and the application is widely used. However, since it is an intermittent production, the output and working efficiency are not as high as the continuous type, but the productivity can be highly guaranteed.

Operational Program

  • Before starting the machine, check whether the rotating part and the cylinder have scraping phenomenon first. If there is scraping phenomenon, adjust it in time.
  • Clean up the sundries in the drum.
  • Start the cylinder limit function before starting. The rotation direction of the mixing shaft should be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the cylinder.
  • There shouldn’t be any other sundries in the concrete materials loaded.
  • Adjust the timing of agitator according to the mixing time. But please do it when the power is cut off.
  • Start the machine when all the preparations have been adjusted.
  • The machine will stop automatically when reach the presented time.
  • Open the locking pin, move the handle to make the cylinder rotate in a certain position to discharge the mixture concrete out of the cylinder.
  • Reset the cylinder manually after the concrete is drained and position the drum with the locking pin.
  • Clean the mixing drum.

Equipment Maintenance And Repairing

  • Lubricate the bearing components depending on usage regularly.
  • Check the sealing condition regularly and check the quality of the sealing gasket in time if there is any leakage.
  • Check the firmness of the spatula frequently and tighten it if there is any looseness.
  • Check if the electrical control system is in good contact condition and dry.
  • Check the wear of the spatula and the mixing drum, adjust or replace according to wear condition.
  • Don’t insert hands and sticks into the tube during mixing to avoid danger.

Concrete Mixer Manufacturers

With many years of rich production experience of various types of concrete mixer, such as, forced type concrete mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer, planetary concrete mixer, Daswell Machinery can meet all your requirements for concrete mixers and some other concrete construction machinery, such as, concrete mixing plant, bolted silos, etc… We have modern standard factory buildings and intelligent, information-based manufacturing equipment, which ensure the high quality of our machines. In addition, We have established a complete and effective service system, so we can provide customers with the best service. Send us inquiry for competitive price now.

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