Concrete Batching Plant Maintenance

Items need to check before use

  • Check whether the self-maintaining device of air compressor is reliable, and the air pressure should be stable at 0.5-0.8Mpa.
  • Check whether the material doors can be open and closed flexibly and the action is in the right place.
  • Check whether the electrical control devices are safe and reliable.
  • Check whether the lubricating oil in the pump tank is sufficient.

Cleaning And Maintenance Projects After using

  • Clean the dirt retention inside and outside the mixing drum, discharge door and rinse with water.
  • Cut off the power after the equipment is stopped.
  • The storage water in the air compressor should be drained, especially when the weather is wet.
  • In cold season, the water in the pump and inlet pipe should be drained. When mixing semi-dry or semi-wet concrete, the drum should be cleaned at the end of each cycle or when the production interruption lasts longer than the set mixing time.

Weekly Maintenance Inspection Items

  • Check the cementation of residual concrete in the stirring drum, discharging door and platform. Workers can clean it with water, and if necessary, cut off the power supply and remove the residual concrete with an air pick or manually.
  • Check whether the solenoid valve leaks and whether each cylinder works normally.
  • Add grease to each nozzle and check whether the nozzle is blocked.
  • Check the inlet and outlet of the host dust remover and the host cover. If there is any cement, clean it.
  • Check whether the admixture pipeline is unobstructed and clean it with water.
  • Check whether the control switch is loose and the movement is accurate. And adjust it timely.

Regularly Inspect And Repair Items

  • Check the running condition of all movements, and whether the connecting parts are loose.
  • Check whether the soft joint of each weighing mechanism is loose and whether there is air leakage in each air connection.
  • Check the wear pattern of the main engine blade and lining plate, as well as the lining plate of middle aggregate silo and mixer drum. Replace the lining plate if the wear pattern is serious. Check whether the connection bolts are loose.

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