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Concrete batch plant is a kind of combined device used to concentrate and mix concrete. With the advantages of high degree of mechanization and automation, high production effective, the device is often used in large quantities, long duration, site concentration of large and medium-sized water conservancy, power, bridges and other concrete projects. The equipment can ensure the quality of concrete produced, and save cement at the same time. The use of centralized mixing, the provision of commercial concrete mixing plant has great advantages, so the concrete batch plant is more and more widely used. And if you are looking for a factory that can help you build a concrete batching equipment, Daswell Machinery will be your ideal choice. As a professional and reliable concrete batching plant manufacturer, we have many years of experience in the production of cement batching plant, in addition, our company constantly introduce international cutting-edge technology and synthesizes the domestic and foreign advanced models in recent years. So the concrete batch plant for sale in DASWELL can reach the international advanced level in productivity, noise, control and environmental protection and other aspects.

  • Concrete Batching Plant
    Concrete Batching Plant

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Types of concrete batching plant

In general, the concrete mixing plant can be divided into mobile concrete batching plant and stationary concrete batching plant, which is the classification that a lot of manufacturers differentiate above all when producing. Then according to different standards, the cement mixing plant can also be divided into different types. On the basis of purpose, the equipment contains commercial and engineering concrete batching plant equipment. The device can also be divided into small concrete mixing plant, medium-sized concrete plant equipment and large concrete mixing plant by the productivity and construction cost. Then in the light of the feeding ways of aggregate, people usually call the two types of batching plant skip hopper concrete mixing plant and belt conveyor type batching equipment. In addition to the above categories, customers can also find some other kinds of concrete batch plant for sale in our company, such as, automatic batching plant, dry mix concrete plant, wet mix plant, modular concrete batching, ready mix concrete plant, etc… Kindly tell us more about your requirements, such as, the budget, project size, working efficiency, we will help you find the suitable model.

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How Does A Concrete Plant Work

The concrete batching equipment is divided into four parts: sand and gravel feeding, powder feeding, including cement, fly ash, expansive agent, water and admixture feeding, conveying agitation system and storage bin. When the control system is powered on, it will enter the operation interface of the man-machine dialogue and the system will perform initialization processing, which includes formula number, concrete grade, slump, production quantity, etc… Then the silo and the measuring bucket are tested according to the weighing, output empty or full material signal and prompt the operator determine whether to start the mixing control program. Start sand and stone belt motor feeding to the measuring bucket, open the butterfly valve of the fly ash and cement tank. Start the screw machine motor to transport the fly ash and cement to the measuring bucket. Open the control valve of the water tank and the admixture tank to make the water and additional agent flow into the measuring hopper. Open the metering bucket door after the metering meets the set requirements. At this time, the ingredients into the activated mixer can be mixed. Open the mixer door ate the set time and let the processed concrete enter the truck mounted concrete mixer.

Concrete Batching Plant with Components
Concrete Batching Plant with Components

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What Is Concrete Batching Plant

Concrete mixing station is a building material manufacturing equipment which consists of mixing host, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, control system and other auxiliary facilities. Its main working principle is taking cement as the cementing material, and then mixing and stirring the raw materials such as, sand, lime and cinder. Finally they can be made into concrete, which can be put into construction. The size of the mixing plant is always named according to its hourly theoretical production, the common specifications are HZS25、HZS35、HZS50、HZS60、HZS75、HZS90、HZS120、HZS150、HZS180、HZS240 and so on. For example, HZS25 is a concrete batch plant with a capacity of 25 cubic meters per hour and the main machine is a twin  shaft forced mixer. When you choose the model, you can refer to this standard or just consult us directly.

Parts of Concrete Batching Plant

Mixing host

The mixing machine can be divided into forced stirring and self-falling stirring according to its mixing mode. The forced type mixer is more widely used, because it can mix fluidity, semi-rigid, rigid and other types of concrete. The self-falling mixer mainly stirs the fluidity concrete, which is rarely used in the mixing plant. The forced mixing machine can be divided into planetary concrete mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer according to the structure. Among them, the twin shaft type has the best comprehensive performance.

Weighing system

Material weighing system is a key component affecting concrete quality and production cost, which is mainly contains three parts: aggregate weighing system, powder weighing system and liquid weighing system. All weighing is controlled by electronic scales and microcomputers to ensure the accuracy of each ingredient.

Conveying System

Aggregate conveying system. Hopper conveying and belt conveying are the two ways of conveying. Hopper hoisting has a simple structure and covers small area. The belt conveying has the characteristics of large conveying distance, high efficiency and low failure rate, which is mainly suitable for the temporary storage of aggregate in the concrete batching plant to improve the productivity.
Powder conveying system. The usable powder of concrete is mainly cement, fly ash and mineral powder. Screw conveyor is the commonly used powder conveying mode, which has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and reliable use.
Liquid conveying system. The liquid used in the concrete mixing plant mainly refers to water and liquid admixtures. They are respectively transported by pump.
Storage system. The aggregate can be stacked in the open air or in a closed bin. Powder is stored in fully enclosed steel silos. Admixtures are also stored in steel structured containers.
Control system. The control system is the central nervous system of the whole equipment. It has different functions and configurations according to different requirements of customers and the size of the mixing plant equipment.

The Outstanding Advantages of Daswell Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

1.Good quality and high cost performance. We use high chromium alloy wear resistant cast iron mixing blade, trapezoidal design of the liner, which is equipped with stirring arm protection hoop. Meanwhile, unique multi-end seal protection technology makes it excellent in sealing performance, which can prevent the intrusion of mortar effectively and prolong the service life of mixing shaft.
2.Quick installation and easy operation. There are specialized engineers to guide customers in installation and operation. Automatic control system makes it easy for users to operate the whole equipment.
3.High measurement precision. The measurement accuracy of concrete mixing plants is mainly determined from four aspects, namely aggregate, cement, water and admixture. Different measurement methods are adopted according to different raw materials to ensure the measurement precision.
4.Environmental protection. All operations are performed in a sealed space, which can prevent dust pollution to the atmosphere.
5.High working efficiency. The device is fast to build and can be put into use in a short time, which can save the preparation time and reduce the cost. Customers can choose the suitable model according to the construction period and quantity to improve the working efficiency.
6.Save costs. The use of the concrete plant for sale in Daswell Group can reduce the waste of raw materials. At the same time, the automated operating system can save human resources, reduce labor intensity and reduce construction management costs.
7.The performance of processed concrete is higher. The mineral admixtures used in the mixing plant can greatly improve the long-term performance of concrete, such as, waterproof, antifreeze, crack resistance and wear resistance, thereby increasing the service life of buildings.

The Points to Note When Choosing The Suitable Model

  • Scale of production and construction period. Determine the capacity of concrete mixing equipment according to the size of the production scale. Customers can judge how productive the equipment should be based on the amount of concrete required each year.
  • Construction plant. The types of concrete batching equipment used is different depending on the size of the construction site.
  • Attachment devices. The specification and working size of the concrete mixer should be selected according to the condition of the associated equipment. The discharge capacity of the concrete mixer machine should match the loading capacity of the concrete mixer truck. Improper matching will affect the working efficiency. The loading capacity of the loader should match the loading height of the concrete batching station.
  • Technical performance of equipment. The plant should have the characteristics of advanced working principle, high degree of automation, strong management function and good environmental performance. The equipment should be equipped with reliable control mode, strong applicability and good maintainability. In addition, the measurement accuracy, mixing quality, production efficiency, energy consumption and other factors need to be considered.
  • Mixing host selection. Choose the appropriate type of mixing host according to the concrete construction. The batching station and storage bin can be selected according to the types of concrete material that can be mixed.
  • Construction environment and objects. Fully consider the influence of construction objects and environment to ensure smooth construction and the construction quality. The situation you should take into consideration, such as, traffic conditions, the amount of one-time pouring required at the construction site, distance between each site, the quality of the operators, etc…

A Few Points to Note about The Operation of This Machine

1.Each cylinder, control valve and motor should be operated according to the requirements of concrete mixing process, which should be accurate, stable and reliable.
2.The control system has two working modes, automatic and manual, the relationship between them is independent and mutually restrictive.
3.The system has good anti-interference ability and perfect alarm self-protection function.
4.By communicating with the computer, the system working status and fault alarm can be displayed.

Concrete Batching Plant Price

When you would like to build a concrete batching plant, you must consider a number of factors. Among them, the price will definitely be an important factor affecting your decision. Before you decide to buy the equipment you need from which concrete batching plant manufacturer, you must take the performance and price into consideration. In addition, there are so many types of batching plants with different prices. So first, you need to choose several models suitable for you referring to the points you need pay attention above. Second, you need to know the price range for each model and choose the most suitable model according to your budget. Then the next thing you need to do is to choose the right manufacturer and you will find Henan Daswell Machinery Co.,Ltd and it will be the best selection for you. As a manufacturer with many years of production experience in construction machinery, we have the advanced equipment and production technology. You can buy any type of concrete batch plant for sale from us. We have established cooperative relations with customers in many countries all over the world and have won high praise from them. The most important is that we can ensure that the price we offer you is absolutely reasonable and competitive, as well as the best service. So if you have any need about the concrete batching equipment, concrete mixer, please feel free to contact us for quotation, we will reply you as soon as we can.

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