Common Failures And Solutions of Concrete Trailer Pump

Engine speed drops. First, test the output power of the engine itself. If it is lower than rated power, it may be because of poor fuel quality, low fuel pressure, brake and joystick problems or turbocharger accumulates carbon. If the engine output power is normal, check if the flow rate of the hydraulic pump doesn’t match the output power of the engine. To solve this failure, check electric system first, then check hydraulic system, and finally check mechanism drive system.

Solenoid valve doesn’t work. When controlling solenoid valve on operating board, if it can’t be opened manually and automatically, replace solenoid valve, pilot valve or operating button. Replace the solenoid valve when the upper outlet exhaust can’t be opened manually. Check whether the cylinder inside, seal ring and piston road leaks when the lower outlet exhaust can’t be opened manually.

The speed of working becomes slower. It is mainly because of engine power drop and internal leakage of hydraulic system caused by the wear and tear of the components. The hydraulic pump of the concrete trailer pump is piston variable pump. After working for a certain period time, pump internal hydraulic components inevitably produce excessive wear, which will cause internal leakage, incompatibility of the part parameters, so as to make the flow insufficient and oil temperature high. Repair and replace the parts that are worn beyond limit.

Belt conveyor and cylinder can’t work. Always check the running condition of idlers when the belt is running. Replace it when it can’t rotating, or it will cause the belt conveyor to break. Check the electric roller lubricating oil regularly, add and replace the lubricating oil in time. Disassemble and remove oil sludge inside cylinder.