Cement Silo Maintenance

Cleaning is the most important part of the daily maintenance of cement silo. The external cleaning is very simple, just wash it with water. But the internal cleaning needs to be taken seriously, for that there are dust collector, broken arch device and other equipment. So users need to use detergent to clean the cement bin. And we should pay attention is that no moisture should be left in the silo to prevent rust. If there is lumps in the bin, please remove the lumps by hammer or shovel before cleaning the bolted cement silo.

Then it is necessary to pay attention to the system equipment, such as, filtration system, ash cleaning system, power system, etc… Regularly check whether the dust collector need to replace the inner bag. If it is equipped with differential pressure control, check the differential pressure gauge directly. Check the dust cleaning system which contains mechanical cleaning mechanism and pulse cleaning mechanism according to different dust remover. Check if the induced draft fan is running normally and the sealability of the equipment. Change the sealing parts regularly. Only when these daily maintenance is done well, the equipment can operate normally and improve the working efficiency and service life of the equipment at the same time.