Cement Silo for Sale

As the dedicated material storage equipment of concrete mixing plant, the cement silo plays an important role in the whole batching equipment. If you are looking for a cement silo for sale, Daswell Machinery will be your ideal choice. For that we have the biggest producing workshop in the world for bolted silo with highest quality in China. There are various sizes with the capacity from 50ton to 2000ton for customers to choose. Send us inquiry now, and technical parameters and quotation will be sent to you very quickly.

Cement Silo for Sale in Daswell
Cement Silo for Sale in Daswell

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Types of Cement Silo

Cement silos generally include three types, including piece type cement silo, integral cement bin and horizontal cement silo. The piece type is a kind of portable cement silo, which is the most popular type on the market now. For that it is easy to pack and convenient to transport and install. And the piece type cement silo manufactured by our company can also be called bolted silos which is mainly connected by bolts. The cement bin can hold not only cement but also other materials, such as lime, fly ash, ore. So we can also call the equipment lime silo, fly ash silo, ore silo depending on what it hold.

Daswell Cement Silo for Sale
Daswell Cement Silo for Sale

Portable Cement Silo for Sale
Portable Cement Silo for Sale

Technical Parameter of Cement Silo:

Capacity (t) Diameter (mm) Discharging Height (m)
50 3160 Customerized
70 3160
80 3160
100 3160
150 3160/3600
200 4000/4200/4500
300 5000
400 5500
500 6800
800 8000
1000 8000
1500 10000
2000 12000

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The Introduction of Bolted Cement Silo

The cement silo is a kind of closed tank which is generally used in the bulk cement storage of concrete mixing plant and suitable for storing various bulk materials such as, cement, fly ash, lime, etc… The silo is equipped with a material level system to show the position and amount of materials. Then the cement bin and screw pump can be used together to transport materials to proper positions to meet the needs of production. The bolted cement silo is generally equipped with a broken arch device to relieve the build-up caused by material deposition for too long. The bolted cement silo for sale in our company is easy to install, safe and reliable, and is an ideal bulk storage tank for various batching plants.

Cement Silo Bolted Silo for Sale
Cement Silo Bolted Silo for Sale

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Features of Cement Silo for Sale in Daswell Group

1.High quality and performance. We use commercial steel plate and seamless welding technology. The silo is more durable.
2.Easy to install and transport. The tanks can be packed and shipped in pieces which is more convenient compared to the whole assembled equipment.
3.Wide application. Except cement, the equipment can also store other kinds of bulk materials, such as fly ash, fine ore, lime, etc…
4.Nice appearance. Multi-layer paint on the surface, anti corrosion paint on the bottom, high-quality metal paint on the surface. All these process make the surface smooth and elegant. In addition, the corners are also neat.
5.Customizable. A variety of models and sizes can be customized based on the requirements of customers.
6.Good sealing performance. The air tightness of cement silo is good that it won’t cause cement to harden because of the difference of external and moist gas.
7.Long service life and low maintenance cost. It can be used for fifty years if it is mentioned properly.
8.Energy conservation and environment protection. The machine is equipped with dust removal system, which can adsorb some suspended particles, reduce the raw materials in the cement tank suspended particles overflow bin outside and reduce the pollution of surrounding environment effectively.

Tablet Type Cement Silo
Tablet Type Cement Silo

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Cement Silo Installation

  • The cement silo is located next to the control building.
  • In the process of installation, pay attention not to make the bin body tilt and leg deformation.
  • It is necessary to do wind and lightning protection work to ensure the safety of cement silos.
  • The bottom of the support leg and the embedded parts of the foundation must be firmly welded together.
  • The foundation must be firm and confirm to the building design code.
  • It is forbidden to impinge strongly on the supporting legs and body of cement tanks.
  • Check and clean the dust collector bag attached to the cement regularly.

Ensure The Safety of Cement Silo

Firstly, the foundation must be built firmly and the bottom should be welded firmly to the embedded parts of the foundation. Secondly, strictly follow the installation process and precautions during installation. Thirdly, clean and inspect the cement silo regularly. When there is something wrong, please repair it immediately. In addition, in order to prevent the cement warehouse from bursting, it is necessary to block the cloth bag. If the pressure in the cloth bag storehouse exceeds the safety pressure of the pressure relief valve on the top of the silo, the pressure relief valve can be opened t release the pressure in the tank. Users need to standardize operations to ensure safety.

The Maintenance of Cement Silo

External and internal cleaning

Cleaning is the most important of daily maintenance, especially internal cleaning. First, after cleaning, pay attention not to leave any moisture in the warehouse, otherwise, it will rust easily. Then if there are lumps inside the tank, please use hammer or shovel to hammer out the lumps and remove them before cleaning.

The Maintenance of Dust Pelletizing System

1.Check whether the inner bag of dust remover needs to be replaced regularly and ensure the dust remover is clean.
2.Check dust cleaning system, there are mainly mechanical cleaning mechanism and pulse cleaning mechanism according to the different dust remover.
3.Check whether the induced draft fan is in normal operation.
4.Check the tightness of the equipment.

Cement Silo Structure

1.Steel structure. It is the main part of the cement silo, which can store bulk materials and protect bulk materials effectively.
2.Supporting leg. It is the essential part that support the whole cement tank.
3.Discharge valve. The switch for unloading.
4.Guardrail. The protective tool of the cement warehouse, which can protect the workers during the maintenance and inspection.
5.Ladder climbing. When the workers check, clean and maintain the cement silo, it is convenient to carry out a comprehensive inspection by climbing the ladder.
6.Dust remover on the top of the bin. When the cement storehouse is fed, timing jitter the top dust collector can effectively prevent environmental pollution and prevent cement silo from bursting.
7.Screw conveyor. It is the material conveying equipment of the cement silo, which is mainly used for horizontal conveying and vertical lifting of various loose materials such as, powder, granules and small pieces.

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