BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

BHS is a famous mixer production brand in the world, which has more than 125 years of experience in stirring technology. Its headquarters are in Sonthofen, Germany, with more than 300 employees and multiple subsidiaries around the world. Now the BHS twin shaft concrete mixer have been the benchmark in mixing technology. There are thousands of BHS in use all over the world, providing reliable service day in and day out. Check all the models of BHS twin shaft concrete mixer for sale in our company below, select the suitable model for you and send us inquiry to get price quickly.

BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Daswell BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixing Equipment

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Technical Parameter of BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Type Dry charge Compacted concrete output per batch Maximum compacted concrete output Standard drive 3) Maximum aggregate size
Truck mixer discharge 1) Open truck discharge 2) Quality concrete Hydro dam concrete 4)
DKX0.50 0.75m3 0.5m3 73 cycles/h 37 m3/h 73 cycles/h 37 m3/h 15KW 64mm
DKX0.75 1.13m3 0.75m3 65 cycles/h 49 m3/h 65 cycles/h 49 m3/h 22KW 64mm
DKX1.00 1.5m3 1m3 58 cycles/h 58 m3/h 60 cycles/h 60 m3/h 37KW 64mm 80mm
DKX1.25 1.88m3 1.25m3 53 cycles/h 66 m3/h 53 cycles/h 66 m3/h 45KW 64mm 125mm
DKX1.67 2.51m3 1.67m3 48 cycles/h 80 m3/h 49 cycles/h 82 m3/h 55KW 64mm 125mm
DKX2.00 3m3 2m3 49 cycles/h 98 m3/h 53 cycles/h 106 m3/h 65KW 64mm 150mm
DKX2.25 3.38m3 2.25m3 46 cycles/h 104 m3/h 50 cycles/h 113 m3/h 65KW 64mm 150mm
DKX2.50 3.75m3 2.5m3 48 cycles/h 120 m3/h 56 cycles/h 140 m3/h 75KW 64mm 150mm
DKX2.75 4.13m3 2.75m3 46 cycles/h 127 m3/h 55 cycles/h 151 m3/h 2 x 45KW 64mm 150mm
DKX3.00 4.5m3 3m3 44 cycles/h 132 m3/h 53 cycles/h 159 m3/h 2 x 55KW 64mm 150mm
DKX3.33 5m3 3.33m3 41 cycles/h 137 m3/h 50 cycles/h 167 m3/h 2 x 65KW 64mm 150mm
DKX3.50 5.25m3 3.5m3 42 cycles/h 147m3/h 52 cycles/h 182 m3/h 2 x 55KW 64mm 160mm
DKX4.00 6m3 4m3 39 cycles/h 156m3/h 49 cycles/h 196 m3/h 2 x 65KW 64mm 160mm
DKX4.50 6.75m3 4.5m3 37 cycles/h 167m3/h 51 cycles/h 230 m3/h 2 x 75KW 64mm 160mm
DKX5.00 7.5m3 5m3 35 cycles/h 175m3/h 50 cycles/h 250 m3/h 2 x 90KW 64mm 160mm
DKX6.00 9m3 6m3 31 cycles/h 186m3/h 48 cycles/h 288 m3/h 2 x 110KW 64mm 160mm
DKX7.00 10.5m3 7m3 28 cycles/h 196m3/h 44 cycles/h 308 m3/h 4 x 75KW 64mm 160mm
DKX8.00 12m3 8m3 26 cycles/h 208m3/h 43 cycles/h 344 m3/h 4 x 90KW 64mm 160mm
DKX9.00 13.5m3 9m3 24 cycles/h 216m3/h 43 cycles/h 387 m3/h 4 x 110KW 64mm 180mm

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Features of BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

1. Wide applicability. The stirring technology of BHS twin shaft concrete mixer is suitable for the mixing of various materials. The mixing method has a decisive influence on the quality of the mixture and the economy of production process. In this aspect, the BHS type has strong advance.
2. Constant and reliable stirring effect. With mature design and layout, the mixer can excellent and stable mixing uniformity within a very short mixing cycle.
3. Easy to maintain, strong and durable structural design.
4. Rich and diverse modular system system design. We can provide various types of mixer specification and accessories, which can meet varieties of requirements of customers.

BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Design

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BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Configuration

1. Meet various application requirements. In addition to our standard configuration, we can provide users with a large number of possible and bet persolutions matching solutions for their BHS twin shaft concrete mixer according to their different requirements.
2. Driving power. A variety of different drives can be configured based on the maximum torque required.
3. Rotating speed. In order to meet the requirements of special mixing, the appropriate Froude number is needed. The variable pole speed motor or frequency converter can be used to drive the mixer at different speeds.
4. Feeding sequence. The location of feeding inlets and feeding sequence affect the mixing effect and mixing time. We have the best feeding technology.
5. Discharge. According to the application and batching plant requirements, various discharge gates are available for discharge of the mixer, including a split design and discharge door flaps.

BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for Sale

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Function And Stirring Principle

  • Advantages of Three-dimensional mixing. Different from the vortex motion of other stirring systems, the principle of three-dimensional stirring makes the stirred materials exchange violently, so that the stirring time is shorter and the energy consumption is less.
  • BHS spiral mixing tool design. Mixing tools arranged in the form of an interrupted spiral on each mixing shaft. The two agitators rotate in opposite directions, and the agitator arm overlaps on the longitudinal center line of the mixer. The shaft end had opposite blade and the stirring blade has an appropriate circumferential velocity.
  • Mixing principle. Make all materials move in vortex. In the vortex junction of two stirring cycles, materials exchange violently and energy is converted into the violent motion o mixing materials. During the whole mixing processing, all materials are in motion.

BHS Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

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Components of Mature Drive System

  • High operation safety, high energy efficiency, long service life.
  •  Reducer gears. BHS Turbo-worm reducer provides operational reliability and durability, even under extreme load conditions. The reducer is non-rigidly connected to the agitation tank and is suspended from the agitator shaft. The BHS Turbo reducer compensates for the load change of the mixer during each feeding through the selected material pairing.
  • Electrical machine. The high quality electrical motor we use for BHS twin shaft mixing equipment is specially designed for impact load variation.
  • V-shaped belt transmission. The transmission of power is realized by V-shaped belt transmission device, which is installed outside the mixer for easy maintenance.
  • Torque support. Adjustable torque support is used for gear reducer adjustment. The reducer can be fixed on the agitation tank non-rigidly to avoid unnecessary rod load.
  • Synchronous coupling. A low-maintenance elastic coupling is used between the reducer to synchronize the two stirring shafts.
  • Hydrodynamic coupling. The device is installed to prevent peak mechanical and electrical loads, even the grid is unstable.
  •  Shaft seals and shaft bearings. The agitating shaft uses highly reliable shaft end seals. The bearing is mounted on the bearing seat separated from the sealing position of the shaft, which can significantly improve the operational reliability of the stirred bearing.

Application of BHS Twin Shaft Mixer

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