Automatic Brick Making Machine

Automatic brick making machine for sale in Daswell Machinery is a kind of baking-free brick machine, which can be divided into fully automatic block making machine and semi automatic brick making machine according to the degree of automation. There are varieties of types of automatic concrete block machine with hydraulic transmission mode for customers to choose. Send us enquiry for quotation now.

The fully automatic brick production line with high degree of automation can realize fully automatic production of feeding, stirring, molding, transportation, maintenance, stacking and packing. The semi automatic block production line is simple in configuration and compact in operation mode that can realize automatic continuous production from feeding to block stacking.

Automatic Brick Making Machine
QT4-15 QT5-15 Automatic Brick Making Machine

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Automatic Concrete Block Making Equipment
QT6-15 Automatic Concrete Block Making Equipment

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Features of Automatic Brick Making Machine for Sale in Daswell

1.Hydraulic adjustable technology. The motor uses pure copper core and the special oil roof for large hydraulic machinery. It can regulate the pressure and flow of the system. The brick body is stressed on both sides and the compactness is the same on both sides.

2.Wide application. The equipment is not only suitable for the production of concrete blocks, but also suitable for the block production made of fly ash, slag and other materials.

3.Various types of blocks. It can produce different specifications of wall blocks, standard bricks, hollow bricks, porous blind bricks and so on by replacing the moulds.

4.High stability of molded bricks. The application of combination of electricity and hydraulic technology makes the cycle of the operation of the equipment consistent, so that the molded bricks has high stability and low scrap rate.

5.Strong stiffness and seismic resistance. Our brick making equipment adopts structural and special welding technology which is strong and durable.

6.Multi-source vibration system. It integrates computer control, hydraulic drive, electromechanical synchronization and other technologies. In addition, it also adopts full synchronous vibration mode that the vibration force can be adjusted, frequency can be adjusted according to different process requirements. Low frequency feeding, high frequency forming, vibration acceleration can up to 17.5G.

7.PLC digital control system. The effective combination of digital and displacement sensing technology make all the processes accurate and reliable, computer control can save time and effort.

8.Automatic fault diagnosis. The control computer is equipped with automatic fault diagnosis system to prompt and alarm, which is conducive to troubleshooting timely and can realize remote monitoring and control diagnosis through telephone line connection combined with the remote control system.

9.Stacking equipment has the advantages of space saving, high efficiency and low failure rate.

Hydraulic Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine for Sale
QT8-15 Hydraulic Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine for Sale

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Working Principle of Automatic Baking-free Brick Machine

The raw materials are broken into standard particle size through the crusher. After the materials are stirred evenly, the conveyor belt will deliver the prepared materials to the upper stock bin. Operators operate the PLC control system to pour the mixed materials into the distributor machine and make it shake evenly. Then the hydraulic cylinder runs, the upper and lower molds press the materials and make the bricks form. Then push out the molding brick and the stacking equipment stacks the bricks. The process of whole automatic baking-free brick production line is controlled by data control system, which is easy to operate and ensure high production efficiency and accurate product specification.

Daswell Automatic Cement Brick Making Machine
QT10-15/QT12-15 Daswell Automatic Cement Brick Making Machine

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Technical Parameter of Automatic Brick Making Machine

Model QT4-15 QT5-15 QT6-15 QT8-15 QT10-15 QT12-15
Capacity (for 390x190x190mm

hollow block) (pcs/h)














Capacity (for 240x115x53mm

solid brick) (pcs/h)













Overall Dimension (mm) 7310X2500X2810












Rated Pressure (Mpa) 16 16 16 21 21 21
Main Vibration Form Platform vibration


Platform vibration


Platform vibration


Platform vibration


Platform vibration


Platform vibration


Vibration Frequency (rpm) 4600












Pallet Size (mm) 1020×570 1100×570 900×700 950×900 1100×900 1300×900
Exciting Force (KN) 55 60 65 85 110 110
Overall Power (KW 27.5 32 28 51 67 67

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Debugging Work of Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

  • Adjust the gap between the feeding machine scraper and the bottom of charging barrel, which should be no more than 2mm.
  • Adjust the gap between the bottom of feeding drum and the plate, which should be no more than 0.5mm.
  • Adjust the gap between the adjustment circle of the upper material cylinder of the feeding equipment and the feeding disc, which should be between 0.5mm and 1mm.
  • Adjust the height of track to ensure the the mold surface is 1mm higher than the disc surface after the brick is ejected.
  • Adjust the eccentric shaft of the brick press mechanism to make it press the required bricks.
  • Adjust the lever, washer on the rotary disc mechanism and the ball eccentric shaft on the crank mechanism to make the overtravel distance no more than 3mm when it is automatically stuck in the idle stroke.
  • Adjust the adjusting nut on the vertical shaft to make the bottom plane of the pressure-bearing stencil parallel to the plane above the rotary disc and leave a 1mm to 1.5mm gap.

Precautions in The Production of Automatic Brick Making Machine

  • There shouldn’t be coarse aggregate that the diameter exceeding standard or some other materials, especially steel and other hard materials to avoid damage to machine.
  • Strict implementation of the production of bricks for each process.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use different grid plate, so as not to damage the machine.
  • Check whether the plate is clean regularly. If there is bonded block, please shovel off before putting it into the molding machine plate warehouse.
  • Clean the concrete mixing materials remaining on the mold box, presser head and other parts after the completion of bricks production.
  • Adjust the guide rail and lock every adjustment point every time change the mold.
  • When the cement brick making machine is running, install all protective cover and floor cover plate.
  • Check the grounding wire of electrical department to avoid leakage and short connection.
  • Check the control system to avoid errors before each use.
  • Check the parts of the equipment to ensure that every part is intact.

Why Buy Automatic Brick Making Machine from Daswell Machinery?

The automatic brick making machine manufactured by Daswell Group has great advantages in technology, investment cost, production process, environmental protection and other aspects. In addition, we don’t forget the aesthetic appearance while strengthen the internal quality control of the equipment. The appearance, painting effect can protect equipment and extend service life. Want to purchase high quality automatic cement block making machine and some other concrete construction machinery, such as, mobile and stationary concrete batching plant, concrete transit mixer, concrete pumping equipment at the best price in our company now? Please feel free to send us email or call us directly for quotation, we will reply you in 24 hours.

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