AAC Block Making Machine

AAC block making machine is usually a whole AAC block production line that can produce autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. AAC refers to autoclaved aerated concrete. The aerated block is a kind of porous concrete, a type of building material with light porous which mainly uses the high temperature autoclave technology. The aerated block produced by AAC block making machine has the advantages of light weight, high heat preservation performance is now widely used in load-bearing, non-load-bearing structures and pipeline insulation in industrial and civil buildings. We can provide 50000 to 300000m³ AAC block production line, customers can choose the suitable model based on the requirements and feel free to contact us more details and quotation.

AAC Block Production Line
AAC Block Production Line
Components of AAC Block Production Line
Components of AAC Block Production Line
Finished Aerated Blocks
Finished Aerated Blocks

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The Work Flow of AAC Block Production Line

Raw Material Processing

Grind quicklime, cement, gypsum, aggregate to make the degree of fineness up to specification, lead to more active ingredients to participate in the reaction and improve the strength of autoclavted aerated block. Moreover, due to the deep grinding, the slurry prepared from the raw materials is more viscous and more stable to the casting.

PLC Automatic Batching System

The operation and configuration of this system is simple, the interface is clear, the intelligence degree is high, The performance is stable and reliable. The aerated block is mainly composed of lime, cement, gypsum, aluminum powder, fly ash. Among them, the lime and cement are adhesive, gypsum is curing agent, aluminum powder is gas-forming admixture. A certain proportion of ingredients are controlled by microcomputer.

Fixed Pouring Process

The mould is moved below the pouring mixer and after receiving pouring, it can enter the curing chamber which can control humidity and temperature automatically to accelerated the hardening of the embryo body. Pouring mixer is consisted of mixing drum and pouring arm. The pouring arm adopts telescopic structure which can reduce bubble generation during pouring. The stirring drum is cylindrical and consists of motor, stirring shaft and stirring blade, the blanking of pouring mouth is controlled by pneumatic butterfly valve. The pouring mixer produced by our company can ensure the pouring stability, improve the output of aerated bricks, stabilize the products quality and reduce the production costs effectively at the same time.

Cutting System

It is the central link in the AAC block production line. The main reducer and control components adopt domestic and international famous products to ensure machine stability. The crosscutting steel wire adopts the way of cylinder tightening and frame swinging to improve the service life of steel wire and the precision of products. Its prominent advantages is that the cutting table is mobile. This new type of chain cutting machine is highly automatic, easy to operate, short cutting cycle and accurate cutting size, which can greatly shorten the existing production cycle and improve labor productively.

Autoclave Curing System

The special autoclave manufactured by our company can greatly improve production efficiency and reduces energy consumption. It can not only maintains the green body fully and reasonably, but also achieves design strength in a short time. Meanwhile, it can avoid the damage to the blank and machine.

Finished Product Packaging Process

This process is equipped with the mobile separation breaking machine independently developed by our company, which can complete the breaking process of finished products automatically.

Metering System

Grouping Hoister


Separator for Blocks

Finished Product Clamp

Conveying And Packing Line
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The Production Process of AAC Block Making Machine

  • Metering the stored raw materials first.
  • After batching, pour it into pouring mixer to make slurry.
  • After mixing evenly, pour the slurry into the grinding mold.
  • After preconditioning at a certain temperature and time, cut them when the green body reaches a certain hardness.
  • Flip the hanger to flip the mold 90 degrees in the air to separate the mold from the green body, and lift the green body together with the side plate to the cutting vehicle.
  • The cutting machine cuts the two sides of the green body vertically first, then cut it longitudinally and horizontally, finally perform transverse ad vertical cutting.
  • The cut green body is hoisted to the steam raising trolley by the semi-finished lifting together with the side plate.
  • Group the cut green body, put them into the kettle and then steam and cultured them under a certain temperature and pressure.
  • Then the finished products are stowed by the finished products slings.
  • The side plate returns through the side plate track.
  • Clean the reassembled molds and side plates, waiting for the next pouring.
Production Process of AAC Block Making Machine
Production Process of AAC Block Making Machine

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Components of AAC Block Production Line

1.Jaw crusher. The device is mainly used for medium and coarse crushing of various materials with compressive strength not exceeding 320mpa. The equipment manufactured by Daswell Machinery has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, uniform product granularity, simple structure, easy maintenance and economical operation cost. The crusher can not only be used in the AAC block production line, but also be widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and some other construction projects.

2.Belt type bucket elevator. The machine is mainly used to lift and transport crushed quicklime particles to the stock bin. There is usually two sets of this machine is the AAC brick production line, one for lifting and transporting quicklime particles and the other is used to lift and transport quicklime powder.

3.Stock bin. There are three stock bins for storing lime particles, quicklime powder and cement respectively.

4.Electromagnetic feeder. The machine with smooth amplitude and uniform feeding is installed at the bottom of the stock bin to feed ball mill.

5.Ball mill. It is mainly used for grinding quicklime.

6.JZW(Vortex pulping machine), mainly used for mixing and pulping aluminum powder.

7.Mobile mixing and pouring machine, mainly used for mixing and fusion of slurry and cement white ash aluminum powder to complete pouring operation.

8.Mono overhead crane. The device is used for mould frame combination, embryo body cutting and grouping. It adopts two-speed double hook, the speed can be adjustable.

9.Slings for lifting loads, used for the lifting of mold frame, mold bottom plate and steam car.

10.Steam car. It is a vehicle for carrying side plates and billets in and out of autoclave. The cut green body together with the bottom plate is hoisted to the steam raising vehicle and is grouped into the autoclave for steaming and raising.

Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher

Ball Mill
Ball Mill

Bucket Elevator Powder Silo
Bucket Elevator Powder Silo

Cross Cutting
Cross Cutting

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Why Choose AAC Block Plant

The quality of aerated block is light, the dry volume density is only one third of that of ordinary clay bricks, one fifth of that of cement blocks and is lighter than the general lightweight aggregate concrete. Choose aerated blocks as the wall roofing material can greatly reduce the weight os the building, so as to reduce the seismic force of the building, reducing the standard of the building foundation, beams, columns, which can save the building materials and engineering costs. In addition, its porosity makes it have a certain function of sound absorption and sound insulation. The characteristics of moisture resistance, fire resistance and high strength make the aerated blocks more popular. So if you would like to build a AAC block production line, you can contact us for more. The AAC block making machine manufactured by Daswell Machinery will be your ideal choice.

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